Amir Khan Iqbal is a British professional boxer

Amir Khan (boxer)
Amir Khan Iqbal is a British professional boxer. He is a former unified light water Wight world champion, having held champion. At regional level of the common wealth game lightweight . He is also held the wbc selver waterlight of midnight.
As augest 2019 Khan was ranked in the world ninth active watlerwight by boxrec.
Early life
Khan was born and raised in bolten , Manchester , to a Punjabi Rajput famly. He is early education in bolten school smithhells.
Amir Khan has two sisters and one brother, HAROON harry Khan was professional boxer. Sajid mehmood is the first cousin of cricketer.
Amir Khan was the first award world sport for breakthrough of the year. He was the name of ESP prospectus of the year. He was moscota madina of years.
Zab judha defeated the BBC personally of the year award. He was given of pride if performance of the president.
Film production and direction
Khan was wrote the screen scrip and script of the year’s. Khan began as a producer of that career.
Khan vs daiz collazo
Following his victory over mollina Khan returned to the UK for the fight 33 years . the fight against took place at the motor point arena in the Sheffield. Khan was able to control some of fight and manage to survived. I keep moving to recompose of my self. I bought of my life while if my life Balance. There are little thing of my life in the things. Amir Khan fight back to the UK.
Amir Khan foundation
Amir Khan his own foundation charity organisation with which is the lot of many projects. The watervels project water wells involve project provide is the number of charitable project . others project involve in the orphan in the gomla.
Amir Khan was involve in a TV programme four channel . the program center around trouble about it. The program center around trouble angry man.
Charitable and community work
Amir Khan was involved charitable and community work causes. He has also Campian promot the child safety of the British railway. Amir Khan has various charity of the including national society and improvements plane. Amir Khan has supported of hosted of fundraising dinner to support Islamic relief.
Amir Khan was nominated was leryius word support for breakthrough of the year. In December 2007 include the ESP prospectus of the year. His defeated of morcus maidena awards winning the fight of the year. He was awarded the nominated ofBBC sports of the year’s after winning zab. He was given the pride of the performance of the president of Pakistan.
Armature boxing career
Amir Khan has winning the box compatibly of the age of eleven years , with early honours of the three English school like three jiniouer of the youngest age. In early winning award of the gold medal of early stages. overall, he is the career compiled of armature careers.

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