Monday , June 24 2019
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LG G8 release date, rumours, news and features

LG usually announces two flagship smartphones a year – the first of which is in the form of a series of series and is in the form of VC series. After the launch of LG V40 ThinQ in October 2018, the next LG device has established our Bounty with its …

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OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition Gets ColorOS 6 Public Beta Update

OPPO R15 announced next episode of the Color OS 6.0 launch during a special event in ShenOS, when the company celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Color OS. This is the latest version of the OperaPO’s Android based operating system, which includes a user’s user interface and new features. Recently, …

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The capture of Huawei puts “Bullseye” on Apple

Apple shoots 20 % of its global revenue in China You do not need to look closely to see how the Global Times ̵ 1; the state-backed Chinese newspaper – interprets the arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou. “Washington’s action to smother Huawei will undermine,” reads a headline. …

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Smartphones is raising a mentally fragile generation

San Diego State University brain research educator Jean Twenge sees cell phones and web-based life as raising a despondent, consistent “iGen.” QUESTION: What is the iGen? Reply: The iGen is the age conceived in 1995 and later, and they’re the original to spend their whole pre-adulthood in the age of …

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