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Donald Trump opens door to including Huawei company in China trade deal

Donald Trump said the Chinese telecommunication network company “Huawei” was very “dangerous” but could not still be included in a trade agreement with Beijing, because the US President grew up for the farmers killed by tariffs. Announced $ 16 billion bailout out package.

Face a new day of commercial conflicts with China

White House said on Friday that the financial market has to face a new day of commercial conflicts with China, Mr Trump said that there is a “good possibility” that talks with Beijing. Can be back

After breaking the talks with China earlier this month, Mr. Trap had immediately moved to spread new tariffs to Chinese imports, but one of China’s leading global tech companies – to keep Huawei Opens in front of each other in the economic conflict. American trade department.

Although American officials have often emphasized that instead of trade issues, HIV is a problem of national security, Mr. Trumpp has presented in the past. The trade agreement with China President Jane Jingong may have a dispute over the company.

very dangerous from the security perspective

Mr. Trap said that Eve was “very dangerous from the security perspective”, but insisted that Huawei could join the part of Trade Trade. His view at this stage in the dispute is that the US could prepare for reverse its tough stand at least in the least part, or it could be tried to assure lesser investors.

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Earlier on that day, US Agriculture Secretary Sony Pedro suggested that the trade war with China could. The summer, because the administration announces the rescue package details for the farmers.

Beltout has marked the United States President marking a multi-billion dollar move for helping farmers in many years, because he tries to harm the retirement tariff imposed by China, which is the Asian country The US exports have risen sharply.

We will make sure our farmers get their help and soon very soon

Mr Trump said, “We will make sure our farmers get their help and soon very soon.” He further added that agricultural producers had “attacked by China” and they were just “beautiful, flat, field”.

US officials have said the payment will be paid on July 3. But Mr. Pervaiz rejected the possibility of a deal to end the business war, with the meeting between Mr. Trump and Jean Jinging, head of the G20 leaders of the next month in Japan.

“When we will love the trade deal at this time,” Mr. Pedro said, “it will be very difficult to understand how a trade agreement can be made before the first payment.” He added that the expected second in November The payment, and the third payment of 20 January, will be based on the fate of trade negotiations with Beijing.

American and China were close to the first one of the months before this month.  Donald trump developed to increase the value of $ 200 million for China’s import and threatened at the end of June. In addition to the US Exchange blacklist by force, to stop companies from selling without license, the previous week further harmed the possibility of a screw-up in trade relations.

“The deterioration against the United States companies damages common trade cooperation between the two countries, but it also makes a major threat to global industrial and supply chain security. China Trade Ministry spokesman Gao Feng Friday Said to “China strongly supports it. We will monitor development projects and prepare enough preparations.”

Offered 12 million There is a big prison instead of US $.

US officials say agriculture package was $ 14.5 billion in agricultural prices as well as $ 1.4bn in the purchase of agricultural goods, which will be distributed to food banks and poor Americans, in 2018. it offered 12 million There is a big prison instead of US $.

Donald trumpsaid earlier this month that he wanted to direct poor countries to buy forms as a help to food in the package package, but this option was rejected. “It was certainly initially considered. When President Trump learned the non-functional and logistics disciplines distributed around the world. And about the possibility of barrier in the market in many of his countries, he was American. The producer wanted revenue in the pocket, where the challenge is, instead of any other event, “Mr. Purdu said.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture did not show details on the ability and rate for different products. Said that they would continue to continue in the later releasing history, to promote criticism. “Trump administrator has incorporated very well in uncertainty about the rest of the decision for 2018, not at least. Let’s see … University of Evino University of Economics Scott Aron tweeted. What. ”

However, the department said that producers of everything from corn and canoe to corn, soybean will be beneficial.

David Hareng, a dry producer of North Carolina and President of the National Porcic Producer Council, said. We thank President Trump to accept that our patriotic farmers have tolerated China’s commercial response.

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