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How to back-up your iPhone on Windows 10 without iTunes

Backing up data on your smart phone iPhone and iPad is to make sure you do not lose a place that you can not change. We’re going to show you how to do with my dear iPhone Manager instead of iTunes on my computer.
Your iPhone or iPad may probably be one of the most important issues. Not only is this your way to communicate with the world, the answer to any question may be the answer and the map that shows your home – this reminds you of your memories and pictures. Which remains in this storage.

Make sure that all the data in your phone is back up and safe, is a great priority for everyone.

ITunes regret how easy it is for backup, and you can be backed up specifically. The backup process for your iPhone should not be complicated; it should be comfortable with fast and light software, which allows you to adopt whatever you like your computer.

It is that the Sweet Embroidery smart phone iPhone Manager comes in. This software is built from the ground to present your backup built-in utility, built-in bullet-proof for your iPhone. It is designed to be easy to use as long as it is still a powerful tool that makes an experience of sucking your phone.
DearMob iPhone Manager is available on their website and comes in the following packages:

  • 1/1 $ 3.0.95 for PC License
  • $ 47.95 / 2 pc licenses for a lifetime
  • $ 69.95 / 3pc Family License for Lifetime

After having solid, reliable software, it will ensure that data on your device can be backed up safely and urgently and helps you keep in mind that it will not matter. Your files are safe. Very useful to keep more control over your files and to make specific choices of what you want to backup.

Using iTunes on a Windows PC is also known to create some problems in the past, as it does not run on an Apple operating system, inevitably running it. smart phone Support software that iTunes need to run on a Windows PC, such as Apple Support Service and Apple Mobile Device Support are unmanaged.

We are going to show you how to use SimpleMob iPhone Manager. Even the most talented Teknobo could get caught up with intuitive design of the software.
How to back up your phone on Windows 10 using DearMob iPhone Manager
We are taking you through the necessary steps to back up your phone using the DearMob smart phone iPhone Manager on Windows 10.

HeadMob iPhone Manager on the download page on the 5kplayer web site to download the software.

After downloading the software, open it (you will find the file in your chosen browser downloaded folder) and install. Once you have done it, the following will be protected by this screen.
Plug your computer into your computer via USB cable, and click on the “Backup” button on the right side of the interface.

Then you can be taken to another screen, at the bottom of the ‘Backupup’ button, which you can quickly back up and back your phone. Clicking the tab on the top right of the screen allows you to return your phone back into pre-saved backups, which has lost some importance, it may be easy to work in it.
Just like this, you’re doing it. It’s really easy to back up with your iPhone loving iPhone iPhone manager.

Compared to iTunes, when the biggest bonus of the Dear Embroidery iPhone Manager is capable of backing up your image, music, video, contacts, SMS etc., then just click the same icon on the menu menu. And click on export. This specific media is in your computer.

DearMob iPhone Manager Features

To find out more about the iPhone Manager, you will be happy to fully comply with ISO 12.

You can enter preferences to select where your backups will be saved as well as cash. You can also instruct the program to move files from your computer to change file types from your computer, so your music will automatically convert to AAC from MP3.

This program also comes in which you are built in encryption, where you can enter a password to completely encrypt your data, but make sure you will not lose your password or you Data will not be able to undo.

The software allows you to back up your specific messages from your SMS messages to your calendar on your phone. By using your messages in an example, you can select the SMS button on the main screen. The software will load all of your conversations, which you can save in your PDF format on the machine.

You can look at the list of features on the product site.

As love mode smart phone iPhone Manager has promised that your phone makes user experience easier. With instant download and a few simple clicks, you have a reliable and powerful utility

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