Hypertension (High blood pressure)

What is Hypertension (High blood pressure)?

Blood pressure is blood pressure that is pushed against blood dust. Every time your heart boils, it pumps blood barriers. Blood pressure is the highest when the blood is boiled. It is called sesolic pressure. When the heart is relaxed, blood pressure falls between the stomach. This is a dialectic pressure. This party is measured in mm (mm hg). High blood pressure (or hyper transmission) In an adult, 140 mm HG is described as a blood pressure greater than or equal to or more than 90 mm HG dysastolic pressure or more than Is. 120/80 mm HG or less common blood pressure and 120 and 139 mm HG sensolculation or 80 and 89 mm HG disassembly pressure High bloodpressure increases the risk of direct coronary heart disease (which leads to heart attacks Goes) and strokes, especially when it comes with other risk factors. Healthy lifestyle habits can control a high blood pressure and take medications if needed.

What are the causes of Hypertension (High blood pressure)?

In 90 to 95% of high blood pressure issues, there is no identification reason. This type of high blood pressure, called high hyper coolness or basic hyper coolness, has slowly developed for many years. The primary condition is due to more than 5% of high blood pressure cases. High blood pressure that is called secondary high hyper cold, suddenly appears and causes high blood pressure due to high hyper cooling. Different conditions can lead to secondary high pressure, including extraordinary kidney kidneys, medicinal ground tumors or some serious heart disease. Some medicines and some prescription drugs including birth control tablets, cold cures, decisions, and maximum anti-pain relief can be due to secondary high blood pressure. Various illegal drugs can increase blood pressure including cocaine and amphetamines.

What are the symptoms of Hypertension (High blood pressure)?

Most people do not have any symptoms or symptoms with high blood pressure, even if blood pressure reads to a high level of danger. Although in the initial stage some people with high pressure may have more painful headaches, chickenji mantras or some other nerves, these signs and general life risk have reached high blood pressure, and symptoms Not usually.

What are the riskfactors of Hypertension (High blood pressure)?

The risk factors of high blood pressure include: Heratty obesity inheritance Troubleshooting aging involves more alcohol related alcohol conditions, which result in high blood pressure. These are hemorrhoids such as kidney diseases and hormonethesis and crushing syndrome.

What is the treatment of Hypertension (High blood pressure)?



To prevent smoking Maintain body weight – if weight is high. High blood pressure is high blood pressure. High-end datas are determined to help control high blood pressure. It restricts the amount of sodium in food to a minimum of grams per hour (almost half of the sodium in average food). Eat healthy food containing fruit and vegetables such as soluble fiber. Avoid eating high fat. Avoid coffee and cats, do not drink too much wine. Regularly exercise to keep nature. Reduce the stress and rest after work. Follow the doctor regularly.

What are the complications?


High pressure on patients’ walls can harm key organs. More blood pressure and long-term it goes uncompressed, maximum loss. Non-linked high blood pressure can be led: Damage of fireworks can cause hardness and thickness of Orthodox (Orthocyclerosis), which can cause heart attacks or other complications. A wide, billing blood vessel (possibly) is also possible. The heart failure to pump blood against high pressure in the vessels reduces heart muscles. Finally, pumping enough blood to meet the needs of thick muscle body may have a hard time, which may be due to heart failure. One block or broken blood vessel in the brain can lead to a stroke. Weak and narrow vessels in the kidneys – can prevent their organs from functioning normally. Thick, narrow or bleeding vessels in the eyes can cause a decrease in sight. Metabolic Syndrome – This syndrome consists of advanced rooms of body keys, with high waist frames, high triggerside, low-density laptops (HDL), or ‘good,’ cholesterol, high blood pressure and high insulin Level included. If you have high blood pressure, you may be likely to have other ingredients of metabolic syndrome. Unrelated high blood pressure can also be able to think, remember and learn the ability to learn. These people have serious disorders and dementia, which are high blood pressure.

What is the homecare treatment?

Changes in lifestyle can help to control and prevent high blood pressure, even if there is a blood pressure on the medicines. Eat healthy food – Try a nutrition that emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole cereals and low-fat dairy foods. Get plenty of potassium, which can help prevent and control high blood pressure. Eat less saturated fat and total fat. Limit the amount of sodium in the food. Avoid coffee and coffee. Maintaining a healthy weight – If weight is high, losing 5 pounds can reduce blood pressure. Physical activity increase – Regularly physical activity can help reduce blood pressure and keeps weight under control. Try a daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes. Limit the wines – Even if you are healthy, alcohol can increase your blood pressure. If you choose to drink alcohol, you do moderate. Do not smoke – Tobacco injures the blood vessels and accelerates fireworks of the fireworks. So leave smoking – Manage stress – Reduce stress as much as possible. Follow healthy fatigue methods, such as breathing muscles and deep breathing. A lot of sleep can also help. Changing your lifestyle can be a long way to control high blood pressure. But changes in lifestyle sometimes are not enough. Apart from food and exercise, the doctor can suggest medication to reduce blood pressure. Which type of medicine offered by the doctor depends on the high blood pressure phase and you have other medical conditions. To reduce the number of food you need one day, which can reduce the side effects, the doctor can describe a combination of low-doses, rather than a large amount of drugs. Actually, two or more blood pressure drugs often work better than one. Occasionally finding the most effective medicines – or a combination of drugs – is a matter of trial and error.

What are the dietary and lifestyle advice?


Use a little or salt to eat. Prepare the taste for less salt in the meal. Do not use table salt. Avoid fast food and restaurant food because they use too much salt. Avoid cats, spices, olives, all sauce, commercially prepared or cured meat or fish, fresh foods, salt nuts, peanut butter, chips, popcorn and saline. Duty Tips: Use herbs and spices instead of snacks for exhibiting. . Use onion, garlic, lemon and lime juice and roast, sink grass, basil, cereal powder, light, germ, pepper, or vinegar. To enhance the perfume of taste and taste. Mushrooms, dyes, red tea, green tea and dry fruits also increase special dishes. To add flavor to fresh vegetables, add a piece of sugar or a piece of lemon juice. Before cooking, pull the canned vegetables with tap water. Dislike unwanted, polyunsaturated source alternative to butter or bush.

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