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LG G8 release date, rumours, news and features

LG usually announces two flagship smartphones a year – the first of which is in the form of a series of series and is in the form of VC series.

After the launch of LG V40 ThinQ in October 2018, the next LG device has established our Bounty with its presence LG G8. It’s all that we still know about LG G8, combined with some of our expectations for good measurement.

LG G8 release date and price

  • Expected to expect MW 2019

Hopefully the LG G8 can be revealed in the Mobile World Congress – which is in Barcelona at the end of February.

LG has used as a launch platform in the past, though it was not for LG G7 ThinQ – device before LG G8. The Korean News source’s Electronic Times published an alleged LG device timetable, indicating that the LG G8 MW will be announced in 2019, which will be claimed to be available in March. .

The mobile show is between February 25-28 this year, though Samsung is known to hold this press conference like Samsung like Samsung. So we could see that the LG G8 announced February 24, however, no officially confirmed yet.

Launch is an LG G7 ThinQ cost at 599 pounds, which is far more cheaper than its main competitors. We do not expect LG to be cheaper than the G8 G7 ThinQ, but we want to sit inside the same ballpark.

Design and display

  • Water drop display reported
  • 4K resolution?
  • Solid, waterproof design is expected

The LG G7 ThinQ offers a solid, metal and glass design and we will expect to follow the LG G8 suit. We are also hoping to see the IP68 water and dust resistance, MIL-STD-810G Drop Protection and a 3.5mm headphone jack – after which many smartphones have been removed.

LG also offers speakers under display – which is also a rumor for the Samsung Galaxy S10. This means slim bazel around the display potentially.

The circular fingerprint sensors of both LG G7 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ are on their tours. Whether LG will live with it for G8, or take advantage of these display fingerprint sensor technology, including Housewife and One Plus, now it has to be left for now.

The LG G8 has been featuring a water display, as well as a plus 6t, which will improve the significant screen of both LG G7 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ.

No details have been taken yet, but we are expecting a screen around a 6-inch screen with a ratio of body to a screen. LG chose for LCD in its ex-G series devices, with its OLED and forces stored for its V series, it will not be converted by 2019.

On June 2018, Lieer Ice Universe claimed that a 4K resolution resolution LCD display will offer on LGGG 8 LCD display. There is no more leak because the claims have been supported since then the Ice Universist is in the past, so you never know.

However LG G8 requires at least one Quad-HD + resolution, and support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

LG G8 Camera

  • 3D Camera Forces
  • Like the LG V40 ThinQ?

Unfortunately that far so sorry about the camera of the LG G8, although it has been claimed that we will see “3D cameras” on a new device. However no details were revealed.

In addition, we would not be surprised that LG used on LG V40 ThinQ to adopt the same camera system, which backwards and offers three lenses on two. He said, with force of water for the G8, this drop may be difficult to fit the two camera lenses. LG G7 ThinQ has a front camera and has a dual-drive camera, so LG can live with this setup, offering additional improvements instead of extra lenses.

Whichever camera specifications we choose to include in the LG G8, we definitely want to see the AI ​​cam on the board, which uses artificial intelligence that might be possible shot.

Hardware specifications

  • Qualcomm SD855?
  • At least 4GB RAM and 64GB storage
  • Hopefully battery improvement

LG has a long partnership with strong work, its flagship snapper has to choose the company’s latest snap dragon platforms. In December 2018, with Qawolmuk who announces SS 855 chip, we are hoping to join LGGL8 in this platform.

We would expect at least 4GB RAM like LG G7 ThinQ and we would expect at least 64GB internal storage with micro SD extension. Standard will not be amazing because we will not be surprised to see RAM V40 ThinQ to meet RAM’s increase and storage capability to meet up to 6GB. Both LG G7 and LG V40 support 2TB micro SD card, so we would expect G8 to do so.

Depending on the battery capacity, we want to improve LG G7 ThinQ as it is an area we reviewed it when we reviewed it, and with some flagship smartphones now 4000 MW marks More G7 3000mAh G8 will definitely be welcome.

We are focusing on audio for LG G8, because the company has done its previous flagship smartphones.

We will update this feature as much as regards the LG G8 appear.

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