Muhammad Atif Aslam was born 12 march 1983 is Pakistan

Atif Aslam
Muhammad Atif Aslam was born 12 march 1983 is Pakistan playback singer and actor. The social drama is debut movies of his 2011. The songs are of numbers of a recorded known number of betting songs. He prominent of Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu but use the language of Bengali song. He Also received taught I Imtiaz 2008. The 4th decorations given to civilians if Pakistan.
Early life
Muhammad Atif Aslam was born Muslim Punjabi family in Punjab Pakistan. He is early education of Kimberly of hall school Lahore he moved to Rawalpindi. Aslam return he continued his studies his divisional public school. His Bechler degree in computer science.
Muhammad Atif Aslam approach as a captain team of signing telling show which was shot and broadcast. At the end of the year, the Aslam team Nabeel Khan win the contents. He was the first time was seen hosting the luxe style. HW was along with mesh shafi and other members. He was three concrete at the world trade center.
Aslam returns to the major city of performance during the jazz perform. Aslam was the name of along with Dubai. Atif Aslam also is a member of Asia and at the 2nd artist.
Four songs Atif Aslam second albums door featured in two films. Two of them yaqeen and ahead and a single adat from his first album. Two other song doori and albums were selected for the sound track of the beauties. He then sang two song bol ka lab to azad hy and more Saraj suno.
Aslam realized his first album Jal pari titled which was an instant hit. Several songs his debut form such has been Indian. Since jal album aadat and Aslam album such as a track certain. His first breakthrough in Bollywood album when directer rehash Bhatt called Aslam to seek his consent to include two Cambay soundtrack of his new motion picture.
Muhammad Atif Aslam performs in London a concrete an aspectual in love, peace in the unity of the nation. Muhammad Atif Aslam perform continue 4 hours perform. This was followed by manchester and glass.
He performs his first public concerts Malaysia. Muhammad Atif Aslam was named top performance in Dubai
Impact and recognition
Muhammad Atif Aslam’s work has several praises from several artists. Actor Inuyasha raintrsted development was interested in signing because of Aslam. Mika Singh praises Aslam singing as well. He said thank for Aslan he loves of the pop of family. Actor Varun big fan of Atif Aslam. I love these gues and I love his song. I am number his fan. Music is the best vehicle tk promote understanding And over music people together. Muhammad Atif Aslam called his fan of Mendez.
Acting career
Aslam made his acting career debut 2011 Pakistan movie bol. He also many special appearances.
Personal life
He married educationist Sara bharwana in Lahore Pakistan on 29 March 2013. there son was born in 2014.

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