President Trump is on a mediation offer on Kashmir issue but India is not ready, US

WASHINGTON: US officials have made it clear that President Trump is still willing to offer a mediator between Pakistan and India to resolve the Kashmir issue, but India is not happy.

According to the International News Agency, the US has once again offered to mediate between Pakistan and India on Kashmir issue and condemned the forced arrest of other political leaders, including the Hurriyat leaders and demanded immediate release. Is.

While talking to the media, a top US Foreign Office official said that if Pakistan and India should resolve the Kashmir issue, President Trump is still on his offer of mediation, but India does not want anyone to mediate on Kashmir. On the other hand, South American Vice President of Foreign Affairs Alice Wells says that millions of people cannot be denied basic rights. The United States will continue to put pressure on the parties to prepare a roadmap for the restoration of political and economic activities in Kashmir.

The statement came from the United States when a UN Secretary-General’s spokesman emphasized the need to resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue and dialogue with the local population in a media interaction.

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