The question is whether or not the treatment of hair becoming prematurely

The question is whether or not the treatment of hair becoming prematurely white is now becoming prematurely white. The main reason for this is to stay away from nature. People ask that two children. There are for example twelve children of the age of eight years to ten years old, their hair is getting white, so how is it far from nature my brothers always try to understand the Hadith in which the beloved Prophet Mohammad. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that this sickness comes only because of it, or to forgive the sins of the people, or to raise the rank of them. The slaves of N have come to forgive or raise the rank of the Messenger of Allah, who used to go to a sick person. If Allah’s Prophet came to this disease because of the sins, then the children are blessed. Your children have white hair inside. The mistakes of parents. We removed our children from nature. They stay away from the heart and all the sewing that Mahit Yadullah Ali has told him about the causes of the disease he has told in the morning. These are the best treatments to do, please, and try as many of the artifacts that I have been using since yesterday, and try to get our head inside that we are broken. Together we make our shampoo. He put Amla Shikakai Ratha and Mid in two to two liters of water with camel money all night. Let this water stay in the morning. Clean the head with Sargodha Ottoman with the last prostration if we know the value of prostration. You can see from Egypt, not the eldest of my brothers who are far away, and man is most likely to be closer to the Lord of his nature than to be white for relief. The bottom is old and everyone in the house practices

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